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About Us

We love what we do and it shows in our films and photography. We are a small family company who just adores weddings!


We always joke that we have the only career where the best sign of a job well done is wether or not we made someone cry. One of our favorite parts about the work we do is the fact that we have the privilege of capturing the happiest moments of our clients lives and turning them into a beautiful film they can share with friends and family and watch for generations to come. We focus on capturing moments of true love and family connections, combining the important shots with the unexpected making every film one hundred percent unique to you and your wedding.


To create the best film possible and capture your story, we don't complicate our options with multiple static packages or coverage levels.


When we do films, we want to do the best job we can. We know you are investing in your film and hold ourselves to the same standard by personalizing every package to the wedding.  

For videography only, we offer packages starting at $2,750. The main variations include coverage time, audio, and film length.  We always use top-of-the-line professional equipment, shoot in pairs and come prepared for your wedding vision. Making sure you get the perfect film for your wedding day.

Contact us for more in-depth detail.  And yes, we love to travel!

Video price


Looking for just photography?


We offer two photography options personalized to your wedding at approximately $2,000.  The variations are based on how much coverage time you want and they come with an engagement shoot.  An additional photographer is available upon request.

Contact us for more in-depth detail.

Video and Photo

Our combination packages are definitely our favorite to do, and we think they are the best deal. Why use separate companies when you can work with only us throughout your wedding to have a cohesive look to your photography and video?


Our combination packages start at $4,250. Variations include; coverage time, length of the film, engagement shoot, number of shooters, additional audio equipment, drone coverage, and as much more as you can think of.  

We customize these packages per wedding and usually have 4 shooters for video and photo.  However, depending on the wedding party, we may use up to five shooters.

Contact us for more in-depth detail.

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